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A conversation with Pedro Galván CEO of Awards of Happiness

Last week, in our showroom at the Wizink Center Madrid, we were visited by Pedro Galván, CEO of Awards of Happiness, and we had the opportunity to share an interesting conversation after showing him everything we do at BeFootball.


Pedro Galvan Paris, Catalan by birth and currently located with his company in Miami for more than 8 years, is a reference in the world of marketing and sports sponsorships, having previously worked for the Basketball Euroleague, Volvo Ocean Race, Disney on Ice, and in different leading marketing agencies. Today he runs various initiatives related to the pursuit of happiness and even finds time to write science fiction books.

In this #BeFootballTalk we exchanged some reflections that had arisen as a result of Pedro's connection with virtual reality technology, and how he, from his speciality, sees the potential of these technologies.

The first thing our guest highlighted was how disruptive our technological approach seemed to him, talking about his experience with BF 1VR1, the first one-on-one soccer simulator in virtual reality, claiming that “what I had previously experienced in virtual reality has nothing to do with this".


He also highlighted the physical aspect, commenting that he did not expect to get “so tired” in the experience, and that it is great to be able to exercise almost without realizing it in a sport like football, and also in a social way.

Concerning the social aspect, he mentioned that he didn’t think we were as far in time from approaches like the ones in Ready Player One: “...going from time to time to worlds in which you can play, you can be inside worlds you cannot access in real life and for a while you can enjoy and live those dreams in person, even if it is not real, it’s just super exciting”. He also wondered “when I have the memory of something that I have experienced in a virtual life instead of in a real one, will those memories count or not?"

As a professional and marketer, Pedro also commented that with the technology we have been often promised too much, and it is frustrating to find disappointments over time. Regarding the technology that he met in BeFootball, Pedro was optimistic, especially as a product suitable for sponsorships, since it allows sponsors to gain many things beyond an exclusive experience, such as data. He also emphasized that we are in a predominantly sedentary world, and that solutions that encourage movement through the enjoyment of an immersive experience create a memory that remains with you.


We thank Pedro for his words and reflections and we award him number 125 as a new fanballer, as well as encouraging him to a BF 1VR1 rematch the next time.



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