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A conversation with Javier Galiana, RFEF Digital Manager

A conversation with Javier Galiana, RFEF’s Digital Manager

A few weeks ago we received Javier Galiana, Digital Manager of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) in our showroom at the Wizink Center Madrid, so that he could try the most up-to-date version of 1VR1 and we could show him everything we do at BeFootball.

Javier is Digital Manager of the RFEF and Team Manager of FIFA / PES of the Spanish National Team, and although he considers himself as “not a very gamer person” he has made a lot of efforts through these last years to unite video games and football in the RFEF. This year, from their department and with the collaboration of Grupo Planeta, they have led the eCopa, the first step to represent the Spanish team in the FIFAe Nations Cup, the FIFA 21 World Cup.

In this #BeFootballTalk we talk especially about the physical part of virtual reality in its relationship with football and as opposed to eSports, but also about the possibilities of these solutions to be attractive to brands, and as an entertainment format.

Everything has its beginnings, and the arrival of eSports in the field of the “beautiful game” has been nothing but easy. In the same way, VR eSports will have their journey and acceptance, and as Galiana mentioned "I understand that it is a first phase in the first stage, that in the end all eSports have gone through that phase."

Regarding his feeling of immersion, Galiana commented “I think you have to try it to really know what it is and how it feels”.


Javier also had the opportunity to test a beta edition of BeFootball’s Superplayer, a new game for Oculus Quest that we are developing, and of which he felt intrigued by its social possibilities.


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We thank Javier for his time and thoughts and we welcome him as the 50th fan of our community.

We look forward to inviting many more people to try BeFootball 1VR1 so they can feel this unique mix of the football experience and the virtual reality one against one.

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