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The first virtual reality tournament organized around the BeFootball SuperPlayer VR game, in which more than 2,100 people have participated and around 2,500 games have been played, has achieved its objective for the season.

Being the pioneers in organizing a virtual reality soccer tournament in the world is in itself an important milestone of which we are very proud, but beyond positioning, this action was a fundamental part of the company's business strategy.

The success of participation and a good score on the scoreboard, having achieved the three proposed goals: to position ourselves at the intersection of soccer and immersive technologies, to be associated with the celebration of the European Cup and to test the progress of SuperPlayer, our first virtual reality title for the home market that combines fitness, soccer simulation and the purest and healthiest fun.

After four competition windows full of emotions that coincided in their closing with the matches played by the Spanish National Team, the grand finale took place at our headquarters in Madrid, with the finalists collecting their prizes and doinf their best to achieve the highest score and obtain the title of SuperGoalKepper and SuperStriker

The BeFootball SuperPlayer VR Tournament, which has been promoted by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), was held from June 12 to July 9 in several cities across Spain. The main one, a large stand located in the shopping center La Vaguada (Madrid), to then move the competition to some of the stores that Finetwork has in our country. This virtual mobile operator has also acted as sponsor, and Adidas and Príncipe have also collaborated in the event.

Fans have lived the experience of being a football player, competing and at the same time supporting the Spanish National Soccer Team, through a technology that many have discovered for the first time, virtual reality. Thanks to the inclusiveness of being a goalkeeper or striker in Superplayer VR, the tournament was attended by people of all ages, families and even professional players such as the girls of Madrid Club Femenino de Fútbol, or the members of Club Juventud Sanse.



If for users this tournament has given them first-hand experience of an attractive VR experience, for BeFootball the competition has provided validation to our approach, data for the strategy of a product like Superplayer and also a strong reinforcement of our positioning as a company specializing in virtual reality and football. On the other hand, for the sponsors, the success of the tournament has given them positioning as innovative companies, as companies that support the use of new technologies to approach fans with a differential marketing model.

The promotion of new technologies such as VR and the promotion of new formulas for active entertainment, with a layer of "sports" competition, are part of the strategic alliance signed between the RFEF and BeFootball, whose first materialization has been this event of almost a month's duration, as we mentioned at the beginning of the tournament.


Now that this first BeFootball SuperPlayer VR tournament is over, we are preparing a second part that will probably arrive in September and will serve as a testing ground for the launch of the full game in the Oculus Quest store, something that will happen in the fourth quarter of this year.

Here you can watch a video of  the action at the main venue of the tournament La Vaguada.

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