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BeFootball, the first immersive Football Metaverse

We are creating the infinite universe of football inside a virtual reality headset.

We are pure magic, we are the football of Third Millennium

The new way of living and feeling football where you are the protagonist, you decide what, when and how. We are movement, we are immersion, put on your glasses and enjoy our virtual worlds without limitations of space or time.

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassador.

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassadors. You will be able to explore stadiums, museums, attend unique events or experience as never before the great historic goals of football. Can you imagine reliving the considered best goal in history from the eyes of Maradona or become a tightrope walker on a wire at the height of the roof of the legendary Azteca Stadium? Get ready, we are making it happen!

Play and compete in our Immersive Metaverse

A combination of football, gaming and virtual reality that gets you up of your chair and makes you play and compete in another reality. You can't miss it, download the full game of Befootball SuperPlayer for MetaQuest now.
You only need 3 things to get started: Passion for football, your VR glasses and download BeFootball SuperPlayer, are you ready?

Our football-themed musical fitness is all about movement, rhythm and health

You provide the desire, and we provide the games, dynamics and gamified exercises with stimulating football environment and music where you will move in a fun way without even realizing it. And remember, the body is made to move!

We are building the first immersive football academy in history

Unlock your potential as a professional football player with BeFootball's complementary home football coach program. Develop your understanding of the game and enhance cognitive skills such as reaction speed, decision-making, football intelligence, anticipation, relaxation and game dynamics. Through TRAIN, we will build the most important muscle in football - your brain!

BeFootball Expertise

As in football, a great team has set passion, perseverance and effort to build the experiences and projects of BeFootball. Every day we give our best, we are creators of infinite worlds around our passion, what more could we ask for?


The vision of creating a new category in an industry as big as football has brought amazing football players on board as investment partners.