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Football is the biggest social phenomenon on the planet, with hundreds of millions of football players and billions of fans around the world. This sport, which arouses emotions like no other, has the opportunity to connect in an innovative way with its audience  at this key moment when fans are looking to live and feel experiences that connect with their passion for football.

Inspired by the strength of the eSportsand in the growing trend towards technosports or VR sports at the international level, we present competitive football under a new formatresponding to a paradigm shift in experiential leisure in which we break the barriers of entertainment and revolutionise the market by creating a new category within the football industry, one that includes the fans as an active part of the industry, the one that sets the standards for the future. fanbolistas.

1VR1, the first one-versus-one virtual reality simulator  that allows to generate competitions techno-sports  for football lovers, redefining the sport’s relationship with its fans.

In this exciting game goal to goal, fans can challenge each other regardless of their physical condition or age, astrong,  thanks to virtual reality, competitions and tournaments are democratised  between people who may not possess the same skills. gamer or football expertise. Technology makes it possible to do inclusive The matches thus reach a much wider and more varied audience. Thus comes the era of the fanbolistas or technological footballers.

After more than a year of development, the Beta 1 of the BeFootball 1VR1 has been presented in our Showroom of Wizink Center Madrid, attended by more than 150 people and will be open to companies who want to try the 1VR1 experience in person throughout the year from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm by appointment.


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