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César is one of those people you wonder how he finds the time to do so many things. He plays 6 instruments, is an encyclopaedia of music and cinema, plays football during the week and is president of the Juventud Sanse football team. What is your recipe for squeezing so much out of the days? In this second installment of “BeFootball Family”, we get to know César Quintero, our Head of PR, in more depth.

1st What is your favourite part of working at BeFootball?

As I’ve said before, I’m a tech geek and so to be playing around all day with cutting-edge technology, with something we’re still making up as we go along, is really exciting. I’ve always been known for trying new things, like these glasses with which I can take pictures of you, or any kind of technology. There are new things every day in VR and we are learning things every day, and we are making a path that didn’t exist yesterday.

2º Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on and the challenges you are facing at BeFootball.

There are many challenges. In Spain we have a good VR development environment, but we still need to go outside to be known. So entering new markets such as the American, Japanese or other markets; it is really an exciting challenge to have to make a living.

3º How would you define the atmosphere with your BeFootball teammates?

BeFootball is really a lot of fun to work for. The colleagues are a pleasure to work with. Especially because we are inventing things every day. It is not a question of following a fixed path, but of making a new one every day, and with everyone’s support this is much easier.  My day-to-day life is talking to people, it is evangelising. It’s really nice because you’re dealing with technology, but in a totally unique, innovative environment, and at the end of the day we’re people. 

4º What would you highlight as the most attractive aspect of working in the virtual reality and augmented reality games sector? 

The VR market has several characteristics. First, it is unique in that it has immersive and emotional qualities unlike any other. And it’s also something new, something to do, it’s very exciting to be in this process of learning, of constant surprise. I’m also a VR enthusiast, I’ve been using VR for many years. Very cool 🙂

5º Could you tell us about an anecdote or funny thing that has happened to you in BeFootball, outside the daily work routine?

I have many. Most of them revolve around the change in people’s attitudes before and after trying BeFootball. Some people come here quite closed, let others try it. However, after taking off his glasses, he tells us “This is amazing. That smile on people’s faces after they’ve tried it is what I like the most.