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His training as a chemist means that he always has the right elements for a good conversation and a few laughs. In this new section of “BeFootball Family”, we get to know Diego Pérez, our Art Director, in more depth.

1º Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on and the challenges you are facing at BeFootball.

Right now we are working on SuperPlayer the game we have for the Oculus Quest and the biggest challenge is to make it graphically spectacular but still work on an Oculus Quest device.

2º How would you define  the atmosphere with your BeFootball teammates?

We have a very good atmosphere. At lunchtime there is always laughter, anecdotes and stories to tell. I also believe that we have put together a very good team, with people who are each very good in their own disciplines. and as a team they are great people.

3º What would you highlight as the most attractive aspect of working in the virtual reality and augmented reality games sector? 

To be able to see how people enjoy the immersion generated by our experiences, the faces they get, the emotions of watching them play football or experience the immersion in all our worlds.

4º Could you tell us about any anecdotes or funny things that have happened to you at BeFootball, outside the daily work routine?

I remember once we went to a karaoke after a company dinner; and the list of songs they gave us to write down on a piece of paper were two gin and tonics, a rum and coke and a rum and lime. That was the playlist 🙂

5º What do you hope to learn at BeFootball?

What I like the most is to be working on such a big project with teams and collaborating companies, where we have learned from photogrammetry, videogrammetry, augmented reality… Learning not only about videogames but everything that surrounds VR.

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