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BeFootball VR, with the official support of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol, the main sponsorship of Finetwork and the collaboration of Príncipe, organises the first virtual reality tournament of a VR football video game, which will take place in different locations in Spain between 12 June and 11 July 2021, to give the fans of the Spanish National Team the opportunity to be the protagonists of a technological and football tournament at the same time as the Spanish National Team plays the European Football Championship.

With the celebration of this tournament, the 5-year strategic alliance that the Spanish startup BeFootball and the RFEF signed last year is presented to the public. The aim of the agreement between the two companies is to develop a new category of immersive technologies within the RFEF, in order to implement virtual reality and augmented reality football projects aimed at improving the connection with the fans, the development of VR eSports tournamentsThe training of players and coaches through these technologies, and the exploration of new lines of development of projects that turn football into an engine of economic and social development.


The competition will be held throughout Spain, with the La Vaguada shopping centre as the central venue until 23 June, and 12 Finetwork shops and spaces as travelling venues, with the Finetwork flagship store in Elda as the flagship, until 11 July.


Whit BeFootball SuperPlayer fans will be able to engage in a frantic game of shot-stopping from different parts of the box if they choose to be Super Goalkeepers, or head balls as Super Strikers.The aim of both disciplines is to achieve the maximum score thanks to their shooting or stopping skills, speed, power, precision and thus be eligible for the various prizes of the tournament.



Participating is easy, intuitive and requires no previous experience as a videogame user or football player. Nor does it require exceptional physical fitness or knowledge of how a virtual reality viewer works, allowing it to be enjoyed by all audiences with an inclusive approach and encouraging active entertainment with a layer of “sporting” competition.


The tournament is expected to host more than 5,000 players who will compete for prizes such as balls and jerseys signed by national team players, smartphones provided by Finetwork, and will also feature raffles for Adidas jerseys, or even an exclusive trip for two. Already in its first active weekend, the tournament has welcomed more than 360 players, and on Tuesday 15 June the first winners were announced. In order to allow as many participants as possible, the tournament has been divided into four competition windows:


  • FIRST COMPETITION: From 12 June to 14 June . Winners on 15 June. In La Vaguada and Finetwork shops.
  • SECOND COMPETITION: From 15 June to 19 June. Winners on 20 June. In La Vaguada and Finetwork shops.
  • THIRD COMPETITION: From 19 June to 23 June. Winners on 24 June. In La Vaguada and Finetwork shops.
  • FOURTH COMPETITION: From June 24th to July 9th, Winners on July 9th. En tiendas Finetwork.
  • SUPERPLAYER FINAL COMPETITION: 11 July. Places to be defined according to the qualifiers in the 4 windows of the Tournament.


In La Vaguada the activation will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., without prior registration until 23 June. On 24 June the tournament will remain active in Finetwork shops until 9 July, and the winners of the 4 participation windows (both SuperPortero and SuperDelantero) will be able to participate. in the final on 11 July The final winners of both categories will be chosen, each of them winning an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean for two people.

All the information about the tournament, including the legal bases, the ranking of players and the details of the prizes and draws can be consulted on the website


Through such immersive technology as virtual reality, fans will be able to live the experience of being a football player, being the protagonists who compete and play to support the national team and win fantastic prizes.


“Organising the first virtual reality tournament of a football video game with the support of an official federation such as the RFEF is a huge step towards the future, a future in which players relate to technology that makes them protagonists and closer to a beautiful game like football, and a future in which traditional institutions score a goal for innovation. From BeFootball we couldn’t be happier to have started this game accompanied by the RFEF”. said César Quintero, Institutional Relations of BeFootball.

This joint action between the RFEF and BeFootball reinforces the commitment of both to innovation, leisure and the latest technology. Furthermore, this alliance makes Spain and its federation the venue for the first official football competitions in Virtual Reality, with the RFEF joining the international technological innovation.


For this action we also count on Real o Virtual, the Spanish-speaking media and community of reference specialised in virtual reality, as our media partner and many other collaborators that we will be revealing soon.