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On the occasion of the Asturias International Trade Fair (Fidma), Divertia decided to commission us for its tribute to the footballers Jesús and Enrique (Quini) Castro, a virtual reality experience with the virtualization of the El Molinón stadium. These brothers were two very important figures for the Real Sporting de Gijón club, and two of the most important in the history of Asturias.

This activation, which was the highlight of the stand, allowed hundreds of visitors to enjoy an experience designed exclusively for the event, in which to experience the sensation of taking a penalty at El Molinón stadium against a legendary goalkeeper like Jesús Castro.

During his activation, even one of Jesús Castro’s grandsons enjoyed taking a penalty in the simulator area.

This project featured the branding or personalization of the VR experience. To learn more experiences and virtual reality games for soccer fans visit our VR FAN EXPERIENCES section.

Eteria Marketing y Comunicación, Divertia

August, 2018

Prisma VR Studio