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For the client LaLiga we create an exciting sporting competition in realidad virtual where fans could become professional football stars and prove their worth in a frantic penalty shoot-out.
It was our first own project that was officially presented at the LaLiga Festival in Qatar, and in which the user had two game modes to choose from:

  • Shooter: Thanks to the use of trackers placed on the feet and a complex system of real physics, you will be able to shoot the digital ball as you would a real one. Shots with the outside, inside, bites, taps, with spin… they all have a place thanks to the realistic simulation.
  • Goalkeeper: Armed with a pair of gloves and a pair of boots (both with branding options), the user gets into the goalkeeper’s shoes, stopping the penalties thrown at him by the rival team’s shooters. An experience that tests your reflexes and goalkeeping skills.

Our vr fan experiences are developed to offer the possibility for brands to brand different elements of the game, such as the players’ jerseys, the ball, the goalkeeper’s gloves or boots, as well as on billboards and tifos, making it a highly branded experience. brandeable. We also offer the possibility of implementing music, hymns, videos or other audiovisual materials of the client’s choice. And to go one step further, we give the option of recreating a specific stadium, be it real or imaginary.


September, 2017

Prisma VR Studio