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Live unique immersive experiences
with football as ambassador.

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassadors. You will be able to explore stadiums, museums, attend unique events or experience as never before the great historic goals of football. Can you imagine reliving the considered best goal in history from the eyes of Maradona or become a tightrope walker on a wire at the height of the roof of the legendary Azteca Stadium? Get ready, we are making it happen!

What’s in the Live Universe?

We offer you an experience that is as simple as it is unique: we place you hundreds of metres up in the air and all you have to do is show your nerves of steel to walk on the catwalk and cross our stadium from the heights.

Golden Goals

Relive the most memorable goals in football history as they have never been experienced before. As they have never been experienced before: through the eyes of the protagonist.

Zombie Ball

Become a hero by saving your club (and yourself) from a horde of zombies with the ball as your only weapon.

We have created the first roller coaster in VR related to football.

Legens Legacy

We create VR museums for Football legends, where we will build their legacy for the next generations of soccer players.

Virtual Twins

We partner with football rights owners (players, clubs and institutions) to create your virtual twins together.


The vision of creating a new category in an industry as big as football has brought amazing football players on board as investment partners.

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We are building the infinite universe of soccer inside virtual reality glasses

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassador
Play and compete in our Immersive Metaverse
Our football-themed musical fitness is all about movement, rhythm and health
We are building the first immersive football academy in history