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The goal is the supreme element of football and the one that offers the most joy.

RE-live the most memorable goals in the history of football as never before: through the eyes
of the protagonist player.

The goal is epiphany, passion and metaphor.

And it needs words and images to persist. Golden Goals allows you to discover in soccer a gateway to a symbolic universe of moments formed by those characters and events that starred them.

Imagine RE-living GOALS like those of

Maradona, Pelé, Iniesta, Negrete, Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane, Torres...
Every club, every country, every FAN has its own Golden Goal.

A unique experience

Every second of every golden goal is recreated as a artwork, that we can RE-live and experience from every angle thanks to virtual reality.

First Golden Goal could not be other than
the one chosen by FIFA as the “The Goal of the century”

For the first time in history, we are going to be able to experience this historic goal through Maradona's eyes.

June 22, 1986
Mexico’s Azteca Stadium
Argentina vs England


10.6 seconds – 52 meters – 44 steps – 12 touchs

6 english players – 114.580 fans – 30ºC

Also, for this Maradona's Golden Goal, we have the participation of those who lived it closer: Victor Hugo Morales the journalist who thrilled the world by broadcasting the goal and Jorge Valdano, Maradona's teammate that day, who defined the goal as: "intelligence in freedom".

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