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At a glance

After a long time preparing for this event, the 31st of March has finally arrived. A cold but sunny morning seemed to augur well for the day. Once inside the venue and with everything ready, we got down to work, our objective was clear: to show our vision of the football of the future and how it is intrinsically linked to immersive technologies.


Meta World Congress 2023


31 March and 1 April

Our 160 square metre stand was divided into several areas so that attendees could enjoy each and every one of the experiences we were bringing to MWC. Experiences based on our four pillars, Play, Move, Live y Train We were also able to show the first touches of what will be our metaverse in parallel reality for PC and mobile and we also had a part of AR that allowed visitors to take a picture with a player of the Spanish national football team and we presented our Originals project linked to NFT’s and a new way to create community and belong to a club, in this case ours.

Many people came to meet us, politicians such as Angel Niño, important media such as Agencia Atlas, Antena 3, Meristation, Europapress, technology influencers such as LaurinMetaverse and Maria Hernandez C, and even presenters such as Dani Mateo let themselves be carried away by the immersion of our technology.

In addition, our colleague Cesar Quintero had the opportunity to give a lecture to a full house and explain who we are and why we do what we do. Cesar was a double guest speaker at the round table discussion on the sport of the future and entertainment.

After two days full of emotions, we finish the MetaWorldCongress with the great taste in our mouth that our new way of living and feeling football is a little bit closer every day to the people, the fans, the sportsmen and women and to those who have given us a hand to follow a path that has only just begun.

See you in the metaverse.