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At a glance

On the occasion of the Soccer World Cup held in Russia (Moscow) in 2018, we created for Wanda Group a competitive virtual reality soccer experience of ball shots.

This experience was installed in the Moscow Fan zones during the World Cup celebration and featured branding or personalization of the VR experience, with the Wanda brand being very present in the experience. In the VR game, fans could face a virtual competition in which the players with the highest scores won prizes.


VR fan experience Mundial FIFA Rusia 2018


Wanda Group


June 2018

Two areas:

  • A virtual recreation of the tourist city of Danzhai promoted by the Wanda Group, known as The Danzhai Wanda Village, an emblematic space in which fans were challenged to obtain the highest score based on their precision with the ball, hitting the ball against different static targets.
  • The virtual stadium of the Wanda Metropolitano, Atlético de Madrid’s flagship stadium, in which the fans were transported to the playing field in the middle of the final, with the stadium packed with mattress fans, and where penalties must be taken to the goalkeeper.

In this virtual reality experience for fans, we partner with Happy Finish and Infront.