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Play and compete in our immersive Metaverse

A combination of football, gaming and virtual reality that gets you up of your chair and makes you play and compete in another reality.

What’s in the Play universe?

Do you know what happens when you combine your passion for football, your passion for gaming and the latest virtual reality technology? Then Superplayer happens, a new way of football that will make you compete in another reality and at another level.


For the first time ever, 2 players will be able to face each other in a “GOAL-GOAL” format match thanks to VR.R1 dará la oportunidad de vivir el “portería a portería” más tecnológico del mundo a los jugadores más competitivos.

Tunnel Match

Welcome to the first Immersive Football World Cup! You only need your Oculus Quest and our free game BeFootball SuperPlayer.


The vision of creating a new category in an industry as big as football has brought amazing football players on board as investment partners.

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We are building the infinite universe of soccer inside virtual reality glasses

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassador
Play and compete in our Immersive Metaverse
Our football-themed musical fitness is all about movement, rhythm and health
We are building the first immersive football academy in history