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The I Solidarity Immersive Soccer Tournament promoted by BeFootball, the technology company that designs, develops and commercializes immersive products adapted to the soccer industry, kicks off on SuperPlayer, the virtual reality soccer game developed by the company. 

The participants will have to face each other in one-on-one duels in the following game modes Keepermode, in which players become goalkeepers and have to stop the highest number of shots on goal in 50 seconds; and the Headerin which players have to head balls into the targets to get the highest score. 

Luxury participants for a tournament with a social purpose

The I Solidarity Immersive Soccer Tournament is organized by BeFootball and with the collaboration of the Spanish Footballers Association and Common Goal, the solidarity project launched by streetfootballworld and Juan Mata whose objective is to generate a social impact through soccer. The tournament prize is 6,000 euros and the winner will have to choose which of the more than 140 foundations with which Common Goal collaborates will receive the money. 

The tournament, which will be narrated by journalists Siro López and Rubén Martín, features the participation of footballers and BeFootball investors Marcos Llorente, Marco Asensio, Ibai Gómez, Fede Vico and Aitor Rubial, joined by footballers Álvaro Morata, Borja Iglesias, Sergio Canales and Munir El Haddadi; presenter David Broncano; Atlético de Madrid femenino and Madrid CFF players Merel Van Dongen and Monica Hickmann; former basketball player Amaya Valdemoro; influencers Gonzalo Melgar (@tumejorjugada) and Patricia Noarbe (@paddy. 8 ); and elite fitness trainer Adolfo Madrid. 

The draw for the round of 16 matches was held at the tournament, with Siro López officiating, and the pairings for the round of 16 were announced. All matches can be followed live on BeFootball’s instagram profile (@befootballvr).



First round

  • Adolfo Madrid vs Sergio Canales            11Nov – 15:00
  • Ibai Gómez vs Gonzalo TMJ                            11Nov – 15:00
  • Paddy vs Merel van Dongen                          11Nov – 17:00
  • Aitor Ruibal vs Borja Iglesias                          11Nov – 17:00
  • Fede Vico vs David Broncano                     11Nov – 19:00
  • Álvaro Morata vs Amaya Valdemoro   11Nov – 19:00
  • Marcos Llorente vs Munir                                   11Nov – 21:00
  • Marco Asensio vs Mónica Hickmann  11Nov – 21:00