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This past weekend in Madrid was held one of the most important gamer meetings in Spain, the Amazon GAMERGY Mapfre Edition, which takes place every year in Ifema, and we did not want to miss the opportunity to present our new concept “Immersive football” as well as the news of new partners football players who join our business project, such as Marco Asensio (Real Madrid), Memo Ochoa (Club América México) and Ibai Gómez (ex Athletic Bilbao), Federico Vico (Leganes) and Aitor Ruibal (Betis) who join the co-founder of BeFootball and Atlético de Madrid football player, Marcos Llorente. Translated with (free version)

As the developments of BeFootball are a new leisure and sportainment proposal specialising in the world of football and immersive technologies, we could not miss an event where, although the main protagonists were video games, virtual reality and eSports were also present, and in a particularly revolutionary way, under the claim of experiencing a new way of living and feeling football.


Gamergy 2020


Ubico and Hyundai


SuperPlayer and 1VR1

Our first opportunity to present this new concept came through the organisation of two VR eSports tournaments, the Torneo BeFootball Superplayer Gamergy Edition powered by Ubico Sports and the Reto BeFootball 1VR1 by Hyundai, Both implementations were a great success, with more than 1,000 participants trying out this new immersive sport/football.

Among the participants we can find names as relevant as the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who won the match against the president of Ifema, or the Olympic and taekwondo medallist, Coral Bistuer, who is also currently the General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid.

Among the professionals of the sector we had the visit of Javier Galiana, Digital Manager of the RFEF, who was accompanied by Enrique Cruz and JUAN ZUMAQUERO, FIFA eSports players of the Federation.

Undoubtedly one of the visits that made us most excited was that of El Chiringuito TV, and also that of our friends from Celta, represented by Aleix Álvarez, their head of communication, and Ramón Calderón (former president of Real Madrid CF). We also had the visit of Ibai Gómez (former Athletic de Bilbao footballer and our partner in BeFootball.

But the stars of the event were undoubtedly the winners of the Torneo BeFootball SuperPlayer Gamergy Edition, Super Keeper Borja Mellado and Super Keeper Daniel Nieto, and among the winners of the BeFootball 1VR1 Hyundai Challenge who faced experts from our team we can mention Pau, Sergio Ruiz and Carmen Sanchez-Heredero among others. Thanks to their skill in this new sporting discipline they will travel to the Caribbean as a tournament prize, thanks to Ubico Sports, and will enjoy different driving experiences thanks to Hyundai Spain.

As this is the second time that BeFootball After the success of the first football and virtual reality tournament, which attracted more than 2,000 participants this summer, we would like to thank GG Tech and Ifema for their support as organisers of Gamergy, Hyundai, Ubico Sports and New Blue for sponsoring the tournaments and challenges, and Real or Virtual for being the media partner of this action. And a very special greeting from the entire BeFootball team and the collaborators behind this successful activation.