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We are building the first immersive football academy in history

Unlock your potential as a professional football player with BeFootball's complementary home football coach program. Develop your understanding of the game and enhance cognitive skills such as reaction speed, decision-making, football intelligence, anticipation, relaxation and game dynamics. Through TRAIN, we will build the most important muscle in football - your brain!

What’s in the Train Universe?

Students from all over the world, mainly between the ages of 9 and 18, will be part of the academy under a subscription model.

For Coaches

Through a system of annual and per-user licensing, our immersive academy will be available in club academies around the world to provide a complementary development tool for players and coaches.


The vision of creating a new category in an industry as big as football has brought amazing football players on board as investment partners.

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We are building the infinite universe of soccer inside virtual reality glasses

Live unique immersive experiences with football as ambassador
Play and compete in our Immersive Metaverse
Our football-themed musical fitness is all about movement, rhythm and health
We are building the first immersive football academy in history