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Our world is constantly changing. The different industrial revolutions have allowed us to experience great advances in our relationship with our environment and with each other, and digitalisation was one of these profound and irrevocable transformations, which has touched all sectors. Today we live in a new technological era that has completely changed the landscape in terms of leisure, work, communication, transport and education, as well as in sport and the way we relate to it.

Ante nosotros, desde hace años se empieza a perfilar una nueva era, marcada por la virtualización de los contenidos, que empezamos a ver gracias a las tecnologías inmersivas, como la realidad aumentada y la realidad virtual.

So how can we fit a sport that is more than 150 years old with a technology that is barely 6 years old in its modern version? can they complement each other? Let us explain why virtual reality and football are a perfect match.

Football, the king of sports

Football is the beautiful game, the beautiful game, the biggest social phenomenon on the planet that connects millions of people, and a strong industry that stands out especially and globally. The technological innovation The new developments in this field cover areas such as ticket control or the sporting management of football teams, and are expanding towards new horizons which open up new categories in the clubs’ revenue collection or in the transformation of the clubs’ relationship with their fans.


Virtual reality, a unique technology

Virtual reality is a powerful technology that enables what no other technology has achieved before: simulate reality and teleport us to other worlds. Evolving every day, this immersive technology covers more and more ground, and has been shown to present great advantages as a training and marketing tool, and as a paradigm shift in experimental leisure.


Immersive technologies for the football industry

These technologies are capable of making us live unique experiences and are great connection tools for football clubs, associations and institutions to connect in an innovative way with their fans, democratising access to this professional sport, in an inclusive and different way.

Combining the emotion and power that football awakens in its fans and the application of immersive technologies such as virtual reality, BeFootball is born, the technology company that develops immersive products and experiences for the football industry.

Our developments range from solutions for connect with fans with immersive experiences, up to the point of complementary products to training that develop the most emotional and cognitive skills of future professional players, to the creation of a new category in the industry with the advent of techno-sports competitions inspired by the unstoppable phenomenon of the eSports.

In our raison d’être, we help the football industry to enter into the the era of virtualisation, a transformation in which the digitised world is taking the next step towards a more digitalised world. three-dimensionality that enables it to blend immersively with the real world, with products specifically designed for the football industry, which represents the next step for the promotion in the field of innovation of the sport properties (clubs, competitions and sportsmen and women) and their development of new business models.

Today, digitalisation is a reality that many have not yet caught up with, but going beyond the obvious step we must take, ahead of what’s on the horizonIt is part of our company philosophy, and we want to help the football industry achieve that. As sports journalist Bob Costas used to say:

“In sports, foreseeing what might happen is almost as important as what actually happens”.

Welcome to the age of virtualisation