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As our own project we decided to recreate the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium for virtual reality and presented it to the project managers.

From the arrival at the stadium, leaving the official club bus and passing through a corridor full of fans of the club, to the arrival at the stadium. Atlético de MadridFrom the entrance to the stadium and its different spaces, we created a tour of experiences to bring fans from all over the world closer to the excitement of entering this iconic stadium.

In this virtual recreation of the stadium, we can see, among other spaces, the Atlético de Madrid dressing rooms in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, a semicircular space with the shield on the ceiling, the details of the wood, the lights, and the shaped screens. photorealistic in which we take care of every detail, making the experience almost indistinguishable from reality, with several points of information and curiosities about this space and videos of the history of the club.

In addition to the changing rooms, we recreated the tunnel to access the pitch, where just before entering you can read the club’s characteristic message and slogan “Courage, and heart”. Virtual reality can’t replicate the sensation, but it can teleport you to places like this, which feel almost real.

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